Thursday, November 10, 2011

Batman: Arkham City Games Disappeared (Lost Save)

After my problem with getting the game, now it appears I'm going to have trouble playing it as well. It appears there's a serious bug in "Batman: Arkham City" related to saving the game data and retaining in between game sessions.

The first time it hit me I was annoyed. I had gotten to a certain point in the game (big boss fight with Solomon Grundy) and had saved my game. When I came back later and tried to play some more I was told that my downloaded content was corrupted and I needed to delete and reinstall. So I went to the system settings for my 360 and deleted the downloaded content. Starting the game up, it redownloaded and applied them fine.

But when I got into the game, there were no saved games. All of the slots were empty. So I assumed I mistakenly deleted my saved game data. But I didn't: I deleted DLC only.

So I started the game over again. I love the Batman and kind of dig this game (though not as much as the original for some reason). I got past the point where I was the first time around, moved on to the next mission and finished it. Then I saved off and took a break.

Now, two days later, I go to play. The first thing it says is there's new content to download. So I download it and it applies quickly.

But when I got into the game, there were AGAIN no saved games. All of the slots were empty.

So I google and find that this isn't just me that's having a problem.


  1. Wasn't the main advantage with playing on consoles instead of PCs that on consoles it "just works"?

  2. It was supposed to be, yeah. And the games do just work...just just don't always save, I guess. :(