Monday, February 28, 2011

Broken CD centers...

You know what really annoys the shit out of me?

Broken CD cases. Especially the spindle at the center that holds the CD in the case.

I ordered a copy of Kirby Krackle's self-titled CD from Amazon last week. When it showed up today I opened the package, opened the plastic and found the CD inside was loose.

The reason: one of the four pegs in the spindle had broken off.

So now when I put the CD in it's not going to stay in place. And that sucks since the CD could have easily been scratched in transit.

And the first thing that happened when I tried to rip the CD: it failed with an "Unknown Error". Which made me think the worst actually had happened. But it worked after another try.

Still, how hard is it to make a CD jewel box that doesn't break? Sheesh...

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