Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nevermore Film Festival and "Rubber"

This weekend is the Nevermore Film Festival, the annual horror film festival held at the Carolina Theater in Durham, NC.

I've been looking forward to going for at least a month now, since Neil Meschino first told me about it and that he was coming down for it to show his film, "Mold!"

So this morning my oldest son, Caleb, and I drove out to see another film, "Rubber". I first saw a preview for it on the Bluray disk for "Survival Of The Dead" and it piqued my curiosity. So when I saw it on the list of films to be shown at Nevermore I HAD to go see it.

We went to the 2 o'clock showing and sat in the first balcony. The film was absolutely worth the time!

The basic premise is this: it's a meta film about people watch the events surrounding Robert, a tire that has telekinetic powers and who is chasing after a beautiful woman in the desert. Yeah, sounds bizarre, but there's no easy way to describe it. You just have to check out the trailer and then see the film for yourself. I'm reviewing the film this week for my podcast.

Aftward Caleb and I walked around the area. I was waiting for Neil to give me a call and was hoping to get a chance to introduce myself and talk to him. Unfortunately my phone battery, for whatever reason, died during the film so I never go the call.

I did see Jordy Dickens from Super Tough Films, which was cool. He also caught "Rubber" and had the same reaction that everybody else I spoke to had: "Awesome!"

And I ran into a guy I'd seen around a lot lately. He was at BarCamp RDU, and I would see him around town and also at the comic shop. So when I saw him at Nevermore I decided to go over and introduce myself and see who this guy was. Turns out his name is Steve Burnett and he works for rPath.

All in all a good afternoon.

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