Monday, April 25, 2011

Fedora, KDE and no sound (FIX)...

I've, for a long time, been using Gnome as my desktop environment. But recently I decided to switch over to KDE for a few different reasons.

A part of my regular work environment is to have Sirius running in the background so I can listen to Howard Stern while I GSD1. And to do that I run the Sipie app.

But when I switched over to KDE the audio immediately died. So I tried to run the (horrible) Sirius web-based application and that failed to play audio either. This was a clue to what was the problem. After trying to play a YouTube video and getting only video I knew it was the audio setup for KDE.

I started up the System Settings app and navigated to the Multimedia settings and clicked on the Phonon tab. All of the audio devices were "High Definition Audio Controller Digital Stereo (HDMI)" which, of course, isn't how I'm using my laptop normally.

After switching it over to "Internal Audio Analog Stereo" I still didn't get any sound. So one more check was necessary.

The problem was that, by default, the phonon backend installed on Fedora is phonon-backend-xine. But for using mplayer (on which Sipie depends) you need to have the phonon-backend-gstreamer package installed.

So I installed that package and voila! Howard's playing, sounds are good and I'm back to work.

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  1. I've same problem, installing the gstreamer backend now, hopefully it works, thanks for posting - you came up on top for google searching "kde fedora phonon troubleshoot"