Monday, October 3, 2011

The Return Of Suspend/Resume Capability!

When I upgraded my laptop1 to Fedora 15 and kernel the first thing I noticed was missing was the ability to suspend/resume and also hibernate my laptop. Whenever I would try to do these things my laptop would either lock up completely or else would come back up without my previous session.

So it was a pain in the ass to have to shutdown my laptop in order to go to work, leave at night or anything requiring travel. Worse yet, I couldn't dock or undock my laptop without it locking up solid.

That is, until the latest kernel update:

mcpierce@mcpierce-laptop:~ $ uname -r

With this my laptop is now back in business. I was able to suspend my laptop this morning when I was ready to come to work, and then dock it at my desk and was immediately online.


1 - Thinkpad W510+ with nVidia Quadro FX 880M, 4GB RAM and Intel i7 Q 820 CPU.

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