Sunday, October 2, 2011

You must change your password/You have reached password changes for a 24 hour period

In episode 120 of my podcast I announced that DC Universe Online was going to a free-to-play model in October. So with it being the 2nd of October I thought I'd go ahead and download the client and give it a try.

The first thing I found was that the free-to-play model isn't active yet. WTF?

The other, and more annoying thing, is that the Sony Online Entertainment website required that I change my password. So, of course, I had no choice but to do so. Then the system kicked me back to a login prompt again after the password change. The change obviously worked since I could use it to login.

But it then said I needed to change my password AGAIN in order to go to the DC Universe Online site to download the client. And when I tried to change my password, it said I had exceeded the number of times you're allowed to change your password in a 24 hour period.

Really? It's not like I WANT to change it.

So now I can authenticate, but can't get past the "you must change your password" page. EVEN THOUGH I DID THAT ALREADY.

/me sighs and shakes head slowly...

And I'm still a little annoyed that it's October and the game's still not free.


  1. And to go from suck ass to sucks more ass, today I go to set things straight with my account (I gave it more than a day just to be sure that the 24 hour period had lapsed) and find their whole single signon system is borked.

    CAS is Unavailable

    A general exception occurred while trying to access CAS. Please notify your system administrator.

    Which, of course, can't be addressed because you have to LOG IN in order to send them a message.

    Sony Online Entertainment should probably change their name to Sony Offline Entertainment...

  2. Oh, and on top of things, it STILL says I've reached the maximum password change attempts!

    I tried to go to the Support site to report the login outage. It prompted me to log in, which seemed to work, but then said I needed to change my password. And as soon as I did that it said I'd exceeded the password change attempts allowed for a 24 hour stretch.

    Does SOE even TEST their site?

  3. I have this same exact problem. Let us know if you've figured out what's wrong.

    1. It's been nearly a year, but I think what I ended up doing was just waiting a week and going straight to their support page.

  4. i m getting the same password issue i tried 3 difrent email and still same, icannot logon :S its reaaly getting my nervess