Monday, January 9, 2012

We're Moving!

What our new office may look like.
Not the blog, but my employer.

It's been a topic for office discussions over the past few years. And now we have a destination and a time frame for the move. Though I don't know how this will affect me personally.

Right now I work from home two days per week, and only go into the office on days when I have class. And, at that, my classes at NCSU this semester are right across the street from our office which is very convenient. And, going forward, most of my classes will be on the Centennial campus in those same cluster of buildings.

But once we move to the old Progress Energy building, I won't have the convenience of being on campus. And I don't think I'll be close enough to the bus lines to grab one to class. For the past few semesters I was able to catch one Wolf Line bus that came right by our offices to classes on the Main campus. However, I don't think any of them go downtown.

But I'm at least glad we know the details for our move.


  1. What's the reason for the move?

  2. We're currently almost at capacity for our current offices in Raleigh. The other day this week it was so bad that our parking garage was filled up without a single open spot to park. Since we're hiring anothing 500+ employees over the next couple of years we need to make space for them to work.

  3. I hear there are some nice buildings in Redmond that might become available if Uncle Fester stays on as the boss of the current owners for a few more years.